Excel 2007 Graph not correctly representing data

hi, in the data set for the chart in the sheet ther are values less than 100, but the payroll timeliness line only graphs 100. anyone know why this is? Book2.xlsx
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Ingeborg Hawighorst (Microsoft MVP / EE MVE)Microsoft MVP ExcelCommented:

hard to say, because the chart series do not refer to the data in the sheet, but to an external file.

If I change the reference to the sheet's data, then both blue series show values with less than 100. See attached.

Maybe you need to check the real data source.

Also, the fancy 3d bevel effect on the bars will make reading the chart harder. The black background does not help, either. Make it easy for your readers to understand your charts. Drop the fancy colors and effects.

cheers, teylyn

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Patrick MatthewsCommented:
Both of those charts are using data from another workbook.  For example, the series name for Payroll Timeliness refers to:

='C:\Documents and Settings\dpra6551\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates\[temp1.xlsx]UnileverNLPayrollTimeliness'!$D$17

So, I would look in THAT workbook/worksheet, and see if the values are all 100.
The values for the timeliness really are all 100 in the data you are referencing in the chart, which as teylyn and mattewspatrick pointed out is actually in another workbook.  You can see that this is the case even without having the external workbook by going into Data...Edit links and breaking the link - Excel then shows the data values hard-coded as an array in the series formulas - and they are all 100.

I suspect you copied those charts into this workbook from another without redirecting the data source for the chart. As teylyn has partly done, you need to recreate the charts using the data on the current worksheet.
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