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We're planning to use Amazon EC2 nodes for development instead of local desktops. VNC client/server that we currently use (tigerVNC from Redhat + VNC viewer from RealVNC) works fine, but when bandwidth drops below 10Mbps starts to lag. Are there any other alternatives to this combination?

I've read a few things about VNC video hook drivers - are they usable in Linux/Mac environments?

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Have you tried NoMachine's nxserver?

There's also a free version called FreeNX.

They do some things better than VNC, but I keep both around depending on which apps and servers I use.  I don't know if this will help you any with lag when your connection slows down.  You could alway reduce the resolution during those times.
May be good solution will be redirecting X using ssh? It will not transfer all desktop but ssh has of course some overhead.
Is it the bandwidth or the latency that bogs you down?

I wonder if you could put some traffic shaping on your local outgoing router to prioritize VNC traffic.

I hit that on residential service easily - interactive traffic works better if you can prioritize it, especially if you are near your bandwidth limit.
xrdp could be the solution for you.  it uses the rdesktop/rdp protocol to connect the server which in turn connects to a local VNC session.

The RDP protocol is more stable than VNC, so it should help with desktop lagginess.

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