image overlay on google maps

how to overlay a custom google image (image in .PNG format) on google maps(MKMap View) with it's original top left and bottom right co-ordinates?  
top left        :17.4341984931048,78.3552699382498
bottom right :17.4309947600632,78.3576023056665
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Hamidreza VakilianSenior iOS DeveloperCommented:
Take a look here:
You may set your UIImage's backgroundColor to [UIColor clearColor] so that it will behave as overlay.
YVSNarayanaAuthor Commented:
i am getting image just like MKAnnotation but i need to overlay that image on MKMap view
YVSNarayanaAuthor Commented:
no it's not working it's acting just like a pin(Annotation) on MKMapview. only google map zoomed but not overlay image when i am performing Zooming operation.
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