sending ms word file via fax program.

We have a fax server (network)

and from windows xp mechine , i want to sent fax via that fax server..

Now from fax console

Send a fax -> Send a fax ->

then you add : faxnumber, name, subject and note..

then you sent the fax..

but is not there any way to select a MsWord file and sent that msword file to the fax server ,(instead of typing on Note)?

please let me know ..
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if the fax server on the network is setup on your computer, then I should be listed as one of the printers as the fax is "configured" as a Printer.

In Word, with your document loaded, just click FILE, PRINT and when the print box pops up, select the Fax Server (from the network) and then click PRINT

the computer should automatically open a "fax" box for you to put in the receipient's fax number

let us know if that works

Word 2007 has a send to option that lists internet fax have you tried using that?

fosiul01Author Commented:
Ok i will create another question then i will come back to you..
as i belived this question is solved but still i will keep it open ..for a while ..
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