Outlook 2007 Rules and alert

Hi ive set up a rule for an email account we have called southern admin

Ive tested it via hot mail but keep getting these error messages

Delivery has failed to these recipients or distribution lists:

You are not allowed to send this message because you are trying to send on behalf of another sender without permission to do so. Please verify that you are sending on behalf of the correct sender, or ask your system administrator to help you get the required permission.

Southern Admin
You are not allowed to send this message because you are trying to send on behalf of another sender without permission to do so. Please verify that you are sending on behalf of the correct sender, or ask your system administrator to help you get the required permission.

We are running outlook 2007 and Exchange 2007
Pls help
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Sekar ChinnakannuStaff EngineerCommented:
Check you send as permission in exchange server for specific mailid from where you trying to send.
happyexchangeAuthor Commented:
Sorry i being thick here.  Where do i need to check the permission in Exchange and what permission do i need to give it as 10 people have access to this account

Thank you
"Send As" allows one user to send an email as though it came from another user. The recipient will not be given any indication that the email was composed by someone other than the stated sender.

The following procedure will allow system managers to grant users the ability to send as another:

Log onto the server running Exchange.
Run Active Directory Users and Computers.
Under the "View" menu ensure that "Advanced Features" is ticked.
Find the user's account that you want to be able to send as, and open up the account properties.
Select the "Security" tab.
Click [Add ...] (under "Group or user names") and add the user (users or group) that is to be granted permission to send-as this account.
For each account added, highlight the account under "Group or user names" and in the "Permissions for ..." window grant the account "Send As" permission.
Click [OK] to close the account properties dialog.

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In exchange management consule select the email account, then on the right side select the option Manage Send As Permission.

You can then add the people in as required.  If they are in a group adding that can be quicker as it keeps future maitence down.

Sekar ChinnakannuStaff EngineerCommented:
goto exchange management console -> select the mail account -> right click -> select send as permission -> add the list of users whom you need to grant access
Glen KnightCommented:
WOWZERS! So many quick posts and you haven't even said what the rule is supposed to do!

Maybe you could furnish us with this information and we could then provide you with a real, assessed answer.
Sekar ChinnakannuStaff EngineerCommented:
happyexchangeAuthor Commented:
Ive set up a automated email rule on our southern admin email account.
But im not getting the replys coming through as it keeps saying you are not authorised to send this email

I gave myself permission to send on behalf and send as but still getting no replys when i send a test email from my gmail account.  Im not getting the error message now thank you all.  Just need to get it to send the automated response

Any advice
Glen KnightCommented:
What does the rule do? Where does it send the emails?
happyexchangeAuthor Commented:
Its just an automted email.
So when someone emails in they should get a preply saying we recivied your email

The way i did it
Sent only to me (southern admin) - Haver server reply using a specific message - except if out of office message
Glen KnightCommented:
So this is replying to all incoming emails with an automated email saying that the message has been received?

for a start this is a mail loop issue.

Secondly, if they are going external then this would be relaying so you wouldn't be able to do it anyway.
happyexchangeAuthor Commented:
Any ideas on how to fix this or set one up
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