in depth tutorial for OOPS concepts,generics,collections,exceptions

what is the best online tutorial or books except sun's tutorial for brushing up OOPS entire concepts,generics,collections,exceptions etc.

I am looking at those tutorials which goes in depth in above topics.
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chaitu chaituAsked:
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I think one of the best texts especially about generics is the book by Joshua Bloch Effective Java:

I think you can even find its full text on the web.

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Another good in depth book is Bruce Eckel "Thinking in Java". It is also available for free download:

(I'm not sure that the very last edition is free though, but ot probably does not matter).

chaitu chaituAuthor Commented:
you are very good in java.normally which java book or online tutorial you refererred for OOPS concepts.
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Along with the above mentioned books which, I think, do make an emphasis on OOP and generics, I also like the book, which I used for studying java initially -  Java. The complete reference.
It is now in some high edition and the autor is Herbert Schields (I think original author was different).I think,  this book is not available on-line, you can buy it at amazon.

And of course sun/oracle tutorial, and ultimately practice - is of course the best techer of such things

Thois isa the reference to Herbert Schildt 8 edition on amazon; it can happewn that you can find previous esition used much cheaper, if you asre cncernesd withe price. I'm sure the general concepts will be the same.
This is a nice article on OOP concepts:
It's from the .Net/C# view, but the concepts should largely be the same (especially C#).

If you prefer a book, "Object Oriented Analysis and Design with Applications" by Grady Booch has been the standard for a long time.
chaitu chaituAuthor Commented:
thanks for the links;i want to practice more and more examples in OOPS concepts and other abovbe concepts so that it will be give me some confidence to clear most of the know it right how they will dig deep??

 maybe you also want to look at this book

especailly at the chapters which deals with inheritance, collections, generics.

It is a little bit expensve though and looks not always serious but if someone wants to
anticipate some really mislleading and confusing questions, it might also help to look through it
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