Display criterial based webpages from Request.Url.AbsoluteUri rather than request.qureystring asp.net vb

Hi everyone.

Please can anyone help me with my problem below.

At the moment, i have a database driven website with 4 pages.


I use request.querystring to find our what page they want to display, ie,


pageid 1 is the home page

From that, it tells me what .txt file with html code to display as the default.aspx has the read .txt file in the background.

Where as www.mydomain.co.uk/Bulletins.aspx?Pageid=2 will list all bulletins on for the site.

The problem i have is that any web stat we have only shows that default.aspx has been visited and not home page.

So i was wondering, is there any way i can change www.mydomain.co.uk/default.aspx?pageid=1 to www.mydomain.co.uk/home.aspx, but display the default.aspx with pageid 1 as the txt file?

i can get the url and break it down depending on where the home.aspx with Request.Url.AbsoluteUri, but it tries to display home.aspx rather than default.aspx?pageid=1.

I also use master pages within all the .aspx pages.

Can this be done or am i going to have to create every page seperatly?

Please, any help would be very greatful for.

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Not sure I understand what you want. Have you looked at Server.Transfer method?
BakersvilleAuthor Commented:
Thank you CodeCruiser.

Sorry for not being very clear, but after spending more time researching the net, i have found something like URL Rewriting.

Do you happen to know anything about this?

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BakersvilleAuthor Commented:
Hi codecruiser

Thank you for your reply. I am back in the office on Monday and will look closely at this then.

BakersvilleAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delay, been working and changing the site to suit.
Very helpful.
Thank you very much
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