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Hello, i create  a .bat file that call a .exe and pass it some arguments, it will make a silent installation. I,m looking a way to allowuser to run this from my web page, and that the antiirus don,t detect it as a virus
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Create an installation that contains both the silent install package and the bat file.
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Jacques Bourgeois (James Burger)PresidentCommented:
If you could circumvent antivirus programs, they would be useless. Some of the messages that appear are also not from antivirus programs, but from the browser itself. So if you could find a way to prevent one from acting on the installation, the other one would probably jump on your application anyway.

Usually, an antivirus program won't treat your application as infected, unless it is. It won't prevent running a .bat or a .exe, but just tell the user to be careful before running those types of files.

If you are deploying in-house, your network manager can provide you with a signature that would prevent most messages from showing as long as the application is deployed on the network.

You could sign your .exe with an authenticode digital signature, but you would have to pay for that (, and I do not think you could apply it to the .bat file. It won't prevent installation messages anyway, but the users usually feel saver installing software that has been authenticated that way.

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