Configuring Iphone remote e-mail access using OWA URL configuration

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I'm trying to configure an Iphone using my company's OWA URL configuration (e.g. rather than using the POP or IMAP configuration.  Is this method possible?
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i don't think you can since owa uses active x which is only available in ie.  try to go to your owa url using google chrome and you'll see that the functionality is not the same (not everything works the same as if you go there with ie).

maybe other experts know more.....good lucl

what happens if you use the browser to go to the url?
i found this

Here is my exact setup I am using with exchange account.

Username: xxxxxxxxx
Password: xxxxxxxxx


looks like they are setting up and exchange account but using the owa address over 443.  have you tried this?
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No haven't tried but will
Sorry, I have the same question like it is in link posted by scraby - Why don't you simply use Exchange ActiveSync?

All types of access to exchange server (activesync, owa, ecp,... except IMAP and POP3) is over 443 port. If the user does not have enabled access to active sync functionality on exchange server, exchange account on Iphone will not work.


The configuration for Exchange ActiveSync is intacted.  

We are in the process of purchasing a third party certificate that will allow secure traffic over the internet.  I think that's all we need to do now to get the iphones synched up.  

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