Remote Desktop Error Code 0x1024

We are trying to RDP from a WINXP SP3 system to a WIN7PRO-x64.  We have no problem RDP'ing from another WIN7 or WIN2K8 R2 system.

This is what the error code says:
"Remote Desktop Error Code 0x1204 - Because of a protocol error detected at the client, this session will be disconnected.  Please try connecting to the remote computer again."
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this is due to Diffie-Hellman key generation failed.....for this one system is not able to handshake  with other.

Diffie-Helman  alogorithm allow you to create a communication channel between two different system. TRy with VNC once..or else you may need to repair your operating system.
Ernie BeekExpertCommented:
Normally this means that the port that is used for RDP is already being used by another application....
am guessing your Windows XP computer is PRO and not HOME correct?

also is remote access enabled?
i would say use a 3rd party app like VNC or Dameware
I would install the newest RDP client for XP which I think is version 7.

That should resolve your issues.

I hope this helps !
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