dllregisterserver entrypoint was not found

I Have couple of dll.. in the bin folder(telerk), which I copied source code (asp.net) from other friend..

when ever im executed a dll regsvr32  im getting dllregisterserver entrypoint was not found

This are Rad(telerik) controls...I want to use it ASP.NET..vs 2010. but the controls are giving the errors.. when I open vs2010.

Any easy method or how to resolve it.. thanks
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You should install the Telerik components on your computer if you have a license to use these components.
käµfm³d 👽Commented:
If they are .NET DLLs, which I believe the Telerik stuff is (unless you've got some really old Telerik stuff!), then you wouldn't use regsvr32. You would simply use "Add Reference" and point the dialog box to the location of each DLL on your system.
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