Managing Exchange 2003 - Email blasts and bandwidth

I have a client that is sending large newsletters every month. When they do it clobbers the network. I could get a seperate WAN connection and use the other NIC; but what is the bst way or alternate method to throttle Exchange 2003 so it doesn't clobber the network trying to upload 2GB of email over a low cost connection. And if I throttle it, will it still  clobber the LAN if I have only one subnet.
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AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
You can put the restriction and schedule after hours, check the screenshot
Amits suggestion of sending it after hours is a good one, however;

I would say that the client should NOT be using Exchange for email blast of their newsletter since if someone objects to their emails they could end up getting their IP blacklisted and that is a major pain to deal with.  Best to

A. use a third party program or service to send these emails out since they are setup better to throttle large email blast so as to not upset the apple cart so to speak.

B. Definitely obtain a different external IP address for sending your email blast out, so that if by chance you do run into trouble it doesn't effect your main email server.  True it will still be a pain, but you will have much more time to handle it once a problem is discovered since you are just using that channel for email blast and not daily vital communication
smartsystemsincAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys. I made the config change and will montior how this goes.
happy to assist
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