Route emails internally and to external smart host

I am migrating users from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010, cross forest.

I have moved mailboxes and can access them on the 2010 side, I can also send and receive email externally.

I have set up the accepted domain as an internal relay and added a send connector pointing to the Exchange 2003 server.  If I then email to someone on the same domain, within the Exchange 2003, 2010 forwards it to the Exchange 2003 server.  This is perfect.

However, how do I get it to work the other way.

I've tried to create a new smtp connector for the domain, giving it a new smart host and picking that it is to relay to this Exchange.  However, in the queue it simply says submitted to advanced queuing.

How do I get the Exchange 2003 server to do what I have managed to get the Exchange 2010 server to do.

Thanks in advance
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XpertaAuthor Commented:
I have figured this out.

I've set up a contact in the old domain, with a different email.  Added that as a forwarder on the email account on the old Exchange and then configured a new conector telling it to send email for that new domain to the other Exchange server.

Then added the new domain as an accepted domain and added the new email address as an aditional email address in the new mailbox.

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