W7 (explorer) enable "open with" while navigating compressed files

Subject says it all.  When I navigate into a compressed file using Windows Explorer, I right-click on a file and do not get the familiar "Open With" option.  Open, but no Open With.  I miss Open With when navigating into a zip file.

Any help?  Using Windows 7.

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Sean MeyerCommented:
To the best of my knowledge, you can't do this in a native Windows configuration.

If you extract the files in question, the "Open with" capability will be available.  Additionally, if you use a third-party tool like WinZip, you will have access to the "Open with" option within a zip file.
ottenmAuthor Commented:
Thanks a ton ArmyGroo and Run5k.  The reg item in the sevenforums page does not affect the display of files in a compressed folder.

Too bad no one at Microsoft has taken the time to try out free zip utilities and implement some of the basic functionality that's been available for over 10 years.

Thanks for the help-
Glad to help!
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