Windows Server 2008 shuts down with following error Code 0xa000000

I have newly implemented server that is shutting /  locking up every 2 to 3 times a day. I can hear the fans - But it's frozen totally. Only way I can get it to reboot is powering up manually.
 looked up on the event log : The following error appears :
The System Rebooted without cleaning - shutting down first - Lost Power unexpectedly
 - Kernal - Power - Kernal 51
Reason Code 0xa000000

Removed the "Plesk", "Server Applications",
"Microsoft Applications" and "Linux" Zones,
and replaced them with the "Computer Servers",
"M$ OS", "M$ Server" and "Windows Server 2008" Zones.

EE Zone Advisor

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My money would be on power supply. What server hardware is this? Many Dells come with OpenManage that monitors voltages and power supply status.
Obi WanFixerUpperCommented:
Seems to me the power supply or UPS is faulty ? Whats the make and model, is there management agents installed to monitor this ?
UCS99Author Commented:
Thanks for your reply.
The Server is HP Proliant 110 - G6 - i3 Processor -New
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