Access Query returning duplicates

I built the following SQl in Access 2007 and the query is returning duplicate rows.  I can not figure out why?

SELECT TblStatus.Status, [FName] & " " & [LName] AS nPatient, TblService.Type, [customers.First name] & " " & [customers.Last Name] AS ncustomer, Provider.Reviewer, Employees.[Last Name], Employees.[First Name], [Employees.First name] & " " & [Employees.Last Name] AS nEmployee, Provider.Reviewer, tblClaims.InvoiceID, tblClaims.CurrentYear, tblClaims.FileNo, tblClaims.Patient, tblClaims.Fname, tblClaims.Lname, tblClaims.DOI, tblClaims.[Client - Contact], tblClaims.[Claim#], tblClaims.[Date/Rec'd], tblClaims.[Date of IME], tblClaims.[Invoice #], tblClaims.[$Billed], tblClaims.[$Paid Doctor (cost)], tblClaims.[$Rec'd (income)], tblClaims.ServiceID, tblClaims.Specialty, tblClaims.State, tblClaims.Reviewer, tblClaims.[Gross Profit], tblClaims.Comments, tblClaims.[Complete Date], tblClaims.EmployeeID, tblClaims.StatusID, tblClaims.Cases, tblClaims.Description, tblClaims.Calls
FROM Provider, Employees INNER JOIN (Customers INNER JOIN (TblService INNER JOIN (TblStatus INNER JOIN tblClaims ON TblStatus.StatusID = tblClaims.StatusID) ON TblService.ServiceID = tblClaims.ServiceID) ON Customers.ID = tblClaims.[Client - Contact]) ON Employees.ID = tblClaims.EmployeeID
ORDER BY tblClaims.CurrentYear;
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Dale FyeOwner, Developing Solutions LLCCommented:
FROM Provider, Employees

The above syntax will create one record for each provider and each employee

Provider  Employee
1             John
2             Steve
3             Karen

If you don't want duplicates, then you need to join the Provider table to one of the other tables in the query.

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Do the "duplicate" rows actually exist in the tables? IOW, are the rows actually there and the SQL is working as intended, which means you need to delete the duplicate rows?

Sometimes DISTINCT and DISTINCTROW can eliminate duplicates. You can try them, but we'd need to see more of your db to know if they would work here.

SELECT DISTINCT TblStatus.Status, ...


SELECT DISTINCTROW TblStatus.Status, ...

Try them and see.

Dale FyeOwner, Developing Solutions LLCCommented:
The example data in my earlier post should have read

Provider  Employee
1             John
1             Steve
1             Karen
2             John
2             Steve
2             Karen

and I'm uncertain why you would need more than one instance of Provider.Review in your query?
Oh, good catch, fyed. I didn't see that comma buried in the SQL.

seamus99, fyed saw it; so if this fixes it, no points for me please. The comma says to create a Cartesian or Cross join, and this is rarely what you want. The clause

FROM Table A, Table B
basically combines every row from Table A with every row from Table B so you end up with
(# of rows in Table A) * (# of rows in Table B) = (# of rows in result set)
Tying your Provider table into the other tables with an actual JOIN statement should fix your issue.
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