LINQ-to-SQL vs stored procedures, What's the best pratice?

I ran acrossed this new "LINQ-toSQL" thing, It's pretty amazing, but my question is, What's the best pratice in the real world that people used? It seems like using LINQ will embed all the Business Logic into the code, instead of keeping on the Database side(Stored Proecedure)? Isn't it harded to maintain them in the future? People told me we shuold keep most of the BL part in the SP, then inside the code. If that's true, what's the point of LINQ-SQL... Need some advice here.
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LINQ is something new, so you will find mixed opinions. But, I say it depends on what are your requirements.

There's a discussion here that will answer your questions:

My main concern with linq is performance. as mentioned in the link

>>Network traffic: sprocs need only serialize sproc-name and argument data over the wire while LINQ sends the entire query. This can get really bad if the queries are very complex. However, LINQ's abstraction allows Microsoft to improve this over time. <<
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