Site to store and share powerpoint and keynote presentations?

Hi All,

Does anyone know of a good site to host/share powerpoint and keynote presentations privately?  I have a requirement that users should be able to view presentations and download slides individually as well as download the whole presentation.  The user should also be able to tag presentations and individual slides within the presentation.  

I've checked out slideshare - this is the only site I can find that handles keynote presentations, but I don't thing you can download individual slides.  There are a bunch of other sites that seem to only handle powerpoint and not Keynote.

Does such a thing exist? If not, what are my next best options?

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GrandSlamFXConnect With a Mentor Commented: seems to support both Powerpoint and Keynote.

From their FAQ site:

"What file formats does SlideShare support? What is the maximum allowed file size?

 Manya Mohan
 posted this on September 02, 2009 09:49 pm

Supported Formats:

Presentations: PDF, ppt, pps, pptx, ppsx, pot, potx (Powerpoint); odp (OpenOffice); key, zip (Apple Keynote).

Documents: PDF, doc, docx, rtf (MSOffice); odt, ods (OpenOffice); Apple iWork Pages, txt, csv

Videos: Read FAQs for supported formats and codecs

File Size Allowed:

Free Account (Basic)

Max file size for presentations, documents, PDFs: 20MB

PRO Account (any of the plans)

Max file size for presentations, documents, PDFs: 300MB

Max file size for videos: 500MB"
ibrahim52Team LeaderCommented:
Visit the link below.
ibrahim52Team LeaderCommented:
Incase if you don't mind to pay for something.
brl8Author Commented:
Thanks Ibrahim,  looks like with those you have to convert keynote presentations to powerpoint.  I was hoping for something that could handle both formats.  
brl8Author Commented:
Thanks, I'm going to look at this one.
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