Exchange 2010 - Outgoing (extern) e-mail stuck in queue for a few minutes

I have a SBS 2011 server.

We have a problem with the outgoing e-mail to external addresses. Intern e-mail works fine.
We send our e-mail with a smart host of our internet provider and the last two days we have the following problems:

* The most of time e-mail needs 4 minutes to send it outside. The e-mail is directly in the queue but it stucks in the queue for a few minutes. The problem exits not always but the most of time. We use GFI mail security & GFI mail essentials for the spam and virus scanning.

Is there anyone who can tell me how I can solve this problem. I will restart the server now, maybe that is a solution
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Program1981Author Commented:
It was a problem with our GFI. Problem solved!

I would suggest you contact your ISP to see if they have some limitation for sending email (such as an hourly rate limit).
Also, you can try to telnet to the smarthost and check if you can connect or get disconnected, etc.

telnet smarthost 25
Program1981Author Commented:
GFI problem, solved by GFI
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