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I have an outside office connecting to my corporate business office via a P2P T1 with no internet. Well I need internet and the only option I have is to use a ATT Hot Spot Wifi Device, however the tablets at the outside office uses an existing Wifi that again connects them to our Business Office. How can I bridge the Wifi on my internal LAN with ATT Hot Spot?


Jaime CamposAsked:
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I'll make assumptions that you have two POE switches located within each building.

you'll need the following components
1 Wireless controller
2 Access Points w/ removable antenna
2 Directional Antennas
Cat 6 cable & terminators / crimp tools
male/female or female/female adapters for antenna cable
additional antenna cable (optional)
antenna cable lightning protector (optional)
mounting supplies (pole\mount\screws)

For you outside office, you can install a directional antenna (search google for "Weatherproof Yagi WiFi"), mount it outside, but keep the access point inside and run cable through the wall or window to get outdoors

For your inside office, you run the same setup.

You will need to pair the access points, I would name one the "Alpha" and the second the "Beta". Depending on your controller (HP or Cisco), you configure the pair as wirelessly bound access points. Then the wifi coverage will be bridged from one to another. it took me a few days of playing around with settings, plugging one access point to the controller (at a time) to be recognized, then mounting and testing to get it running right. Cisco support was a big help to me. It works great once you get it working.

hope that helps & good luckl
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