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Good afternoon expert,

When I get more than a couple of internet windows open at the same time my computer freezes and the and the mouse and keyboard will no longer react. I started watching the CPU usage and almost with out exception when this occurd the CPU is at 100%. When the CPU is no longer pegged then the input devices work again. The CPU is shown in the system display as an x86 Family 15 Model 45 stepping 2 Authentic AMD 2411 mhz. I have 3 gb of RAM.
I suspect it is the CPU needs to be upgraded. IS there anyway to test this? Would more RAM help? Would incresing the page file allowment help?
Allen in Dallas
Allen PittsBusiness analystAsked:
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It might not be a hardware issue. Have you scanned for viruses?
Dan MuzrallEHS SpecialistCommented:
Sounds like you're having issues with your browser, possibly related to browser add-ons or toolbars.  First thing I'd recommend trying is starting your browser without add-ons, and closing/disabling any third-part toolbars you have installed.  I'd also recommend clearing out your browser cache/temporary Internet Files.

This page shows you how to start FireFox and IE without add-ons:

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What modelname & number is the CPU, is it dualcore or not? If you use Windows OS, look also at task manager (CRTL+SHIFT+ESC), and see the processes tab, sort it by usage % and see what process uses the CPU when the usage peaks. What size is your drive, what size is your page file, where is the page file located?
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
I tend to agree with moonie42.  I'd also download and run a copy of Microsoft Autoruns and see what is loading in the system at startup.  It's quite remarkable how many software vendors feel entitled to quietly load and run their software add-ons at system startup time.
you can test it easily : install another OS on a partition, or other disk drive, and test it
it is VERY unlikely that the cpu is the cause  - more often, the OS is corrupted
so a system restore, can help if the problems is recent, or a fresh install
You don't need a powerful cpu to browse the internet.  What is likely is that you are running extra programs in the browser, as moonie42 suggests.  You might want to check out what is automatically loading at startup and get rid of unwanted programs - run msconfig in a cmd window.
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