Troubleshooting Multicast and GHOST

Where can I get a basic understanding of how GHOST works with unicast and multicast? I am not a server admin but a network engineer and have a complaint that the ghost multicast is slow and only works on one vlan? I would like to know what protocol is used and how to configure and troubleshoot a network to support GHOST.
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Nayyar HH (CCIE RS)Connect With a Mentor Network ArchitectCommented:
See this doc "How the Ghost Console and Client communicate over the network"

There are several phases to the communication process; Client will try to discovery server via multicast if that fails they fail over to WINS
Dragon0x40Author Commented:
There are no examples or diagrams in your link.

A couple of good tutorials for GHOST:

Still looking for something that explains the networking part better.
jburgaardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You do not mention the make of the switches that you are dealing with here.
I recently had a problem with a HP-procurve setup, where I was told that multicast did not work in a particular vlan.
Check of this vlan on all switches would show that
IP IGMP actualy WAS enabled, as it must bee for proper pruning to take place (broadcast on all ports is alternative)
however the CLI-command
SHOW IP IGMP <vlan>   was to reveal, that there was no Querier elected.
After asigning an IP to this vlan on a central switch + CLI-command:
That made the change , so after that I could observe on an other switch the uplink-port leading to the central switch named Querier.
Do you have to deal with making mulicast work between vlans?
If so IP multicast routing should also be in place, as far as i remember both sparse&dense on a HP.
Dragon0x40Author Commented:
I will research the querier and the mcast routing settings. These are cisco switches so the commands and defaults may be different.
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