Challenges getting CR2008 connected to Oracle

Greetings, all.

I have a 32-bit box running Windows 7 Enterprise SP1. (RAM is maxed.)

I am trying to connect Crystal Reports 2008 to an Oracle server, and I consistently get a message back from CR of "Unknown Database Connect Error".

I seem to have three copies of my tnsnames.ora file on my PC, in the following three locations:

I've ensured that all three of these tnsnames.ora files are identical.

I can connect to my desired database (engdev2) using SQL Developer, so I'm confident that the TNS entry is valid:

    (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = = 1523))
      (SERVICE_NAME = engdev2)

I've confirmed that in each of those directories, SQLNET.AUTHENTICATION_SERVICES = (NTS) in the sqlnet.ora files.

I'm running Crystal Reports 2008 in Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode. When I try to connect to this database, using an Oracle Server connection, I enter engdev2 as the service, I enter the user ID, I enter the password, and when I click Finish I immediately get the above message back. (On the first effort after a reboot, there is a delay of about two seconds as it attempts this connection. Subsequently, there is no noticeable delay suggesting that the system is trying to connect to the database, even if CR has been quit and restarted.)

TNSPING from the command line gives me this result:
C:\Users\btice>tnsping engdev2

TNS Ping Utility for 32-bit Windows: Version - Production on 04-JAN-2
012 13:03:15

Copyright (c) 1997, 2010, Oracle.  All rights reserved.

Used parameter files:

Used TNSNAMES adapter to resolve the alias
Message 3513 not found;  product=NETWORK; facility=TNS
TNS-12557: TNS:protocol adapter not loadable

The local DBA says, "It's Crystal's fault. Uninstall, reboot and reinstall." That didn't make any difference at all – not that I expected it to.

Thanks for any direction you can provide on this.

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BarryTiceAuthor Commented:
C'mon, rhinok. You know you want to post here. Free points!
Which connection method are you using, Crystal Oracle Server or the Oracle native OLE DB driver ?
Kurt ReinhardtSr. Business Intelligence Consultant/ArchitectCommented:
As it turns out, BarryTice and I are working on the same project. My company has been writing reports for his for the last month.  I recognized the Service Name in his post and reached out to him internally We still haven't resolved it fully, however.

In addition to the info above, the version of Crystal Reports he's using is CR2008 SP3, which is certified for Windows 7.  One of my concerns is that he has multiple versions of Oracle on the same machine, which can be problematic.  Even though his DBA thinks the issue is Crystal, we've found some idiosyncrasies in his Oracle Environment, such as not being able to open PLSQL from a command line and not being able to create ODBC DSNs (for test purposes) against the Oracle Drivers listed.

FYI, for this project, I'm using Windows 7 64-bit, Oracle Developer Suite 10g (the only version of Oracle on my machine) and Crystal Reports 2008 SP3.  I had issues getting it to work, too, due to 64-bit issues (have to install the 32-bit Oracle client and run it in XP SP3 compatibility mode and changing virtual memory settings and installing Crystal Reports to a custom location that doesn't include "(x86)" in the install patch, since Oracle 10g doesn't recognize it), but have it working.

As of now, my only recommendations are to check the OS environment path variables or to try to uninstall all versions of Oracle and try to do a clean install of just the version he needs.

Even though we're working on this internally and may resolve it on our own, it's still "broken" as of now, so I'd love to hear some other input.

@GJParker We attempt to connect through Oracle Server in Crystal Reports.  That's how all the reports have been written.

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BarryTiceAuthor Commented:
Thanks for checking in, GJParker. I appreciate the effort!

rhinok –

Who in the world has the time to wipe and re-establish Oracle installs? There was a spare PC in the next room (leftovers from someone no longer with this branch of the company), so I claimed that. I now have a laptop and two PCs in my office, for a total of five screens. Oh, boy.

I've managed to get CR to connect to engdev2 on this new box without any (significant) problem. Now I'm on to trying to get it to connect to the 11g "new" database, and having new adventures.

Thanks so much for your help Wednesday!

-- b.r.t.
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