flash clicklable ovals with links in html page

I need to have a web page which will show a diagram with different departments on the compnay, the file that was provided to me was a powerpoint presentation.

Now I need to create something , on top of my hand only flash could be the solution, to built a series of ovals that I can embed in  a html page then once the user clicks on them they are shoot to other pages..

Can you please help me with a start point , pershaps a fla file with ovals and links to see how to create this drawing?
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Can the ovals instead be rectangles that contain ovals with the information?  Then you could use regular images with links to the appropriate pages.
TonyRebaAuthor Commented:
Like html table?..... It needs to be an object with ovals , that are cliclable.
i've created a very simple example. i'm guessing you're not a flash developer so i've not done it in classes etc.
everything is on the timeline, if you're using many ovals you can start drawing them dynamically and assigning the code in loops so as to not have to repeat everything but this should get you started.


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