I need to run a report against our Grouwise 8 database to show account activity. Is there any way to find out when the last time an account was used? I need to clean house and i am not getting any reports from HR on staff that are no longer employed here.

I use Console One to monitor Groupwise environment.
Ryan SanchezSystem SpecialistAsked:
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Henry RohlfsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can run an audit report on your PO. In ConsoleOne do the following:

1. Select your post office.
2. Tools > GroupWise Utilities > Mailbox/Library Maintenance
3. Select GropuWise Objects > Post Offices > [Your PO]
4. In the Action: dropdown, select Audit Report

The GWCheck report will show each user's last activity time. Even if an account is only proxied into or if an account is only accessed through WebAccess, the last activity date is updated whenever a GW item is opened, deleted, etc.
deroodeSystems AdministratorCommented:
Just to add a organizatorial point:
How do you find out about new users? Can just anyone walk up to your IT department to get an account and access your network? Account control is people control, and it's the HR department's job.
How do you know that an account that hasn't been touched in 2 months isn't from someone with a long term illness? Or worse yet, how do you control that someone who isn't employed any more still accesses your network and data?

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