android -  - automatically take a picture and email it every 5 minutes...

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Is there a way to automatically take a picture with the iphone 4g and email it to a particular addredd ever 5 minutes...?  
Im sure I need to create a program and embed on the if you have code that would be great....thanks...
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Have you looked at:
It allows you to take a picture every x minutes. Although I havent read that it will also email them.

If you dont mind jailbreaking your IPhone you can also try:

And here is another applicatie that lets it run as a security camera as well:

The way I see it is: if it is already written why write it yourself!

Good luck!

Since you included your question in the Java zone, maybe you would be interested in seeing  JavaME code that sends pictures to a web site.  It takes a picture at a user selected rate and creates a file to send in a multipart request to a server that puts the pictures on a web page. Tell me if you want me to post the code.

Wow! You have 24 open questions.  Maybe we are just wasting our time here.

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