multiple IP ranges with juniper netscreen 5GT

hi experts,

I have a juniper netscreen 5GT at home running in "trusted untrusted" mode.
that is my ISP modem (in bridging mode) connected to untrusted interface
and my wifi access point connected to trusted interface (number 4)

all my home devices are able to access wifi access point, get an IP via DHCP from trusted interface in IP range 192.168.2.X

all working good so far.
here is the trouble and my question
I want one particular laptop to get an IP in 10.X.X.X range.

is this possible?

i tried the following without success but that is because i had no idea what i am doing
1. creating a sub interface of trusted interface
2. enable additional DHCP server on this sub-interface to hand out IPs  in 10.X.X.X range
3. create a reservation in above DHCP server to hand out an IP in 10.X.X.X range based on my particular laptop's MAC address

as you probably guessed already, this did not work for me

Can you please enlighten me?

Thanks Experts
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Sanga CollinsSystems AdminCommented:
What you should do is find out of your wifi router support vlan tags. I did a similar setup for work by creating a sub interface with new ip range and vlan tag = 2. Then on my wifi I created a new ssid with vlan tag = 2. Any device that connects to wifi ssid#2 would get dhcp from the sub interface.

My ap is dlink dwl3200
My juniper is ns 5gt WLAN in trust untrust mode.

If money is not an object you can also purchase ns5gt WLAN on eBay for about $150. Since its end of life juniper won't support it directly, but the performance and feature set is worth it.
sherrysidhuAuthor Commented:
thx for you comment buddy but my wifi router does not support vlan tags.
is there a way to do it still?
Sanga CollinsSystems AdminCommented:
ok without vlan tagging you will not be able to get dhcp from the sub interface. but you may be able to configure you laptop with a static ip in the 10.x.x.x range. Id have to test it myself to be sure that it will work, but that is an option that is available.

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sherrysidhuAuthor Commented:
let me try this today and get back to you with results
sherrysidhuAuthor Commented:
so i tried this.
i gave my laptop a static IP in 10.x.x.x range
created a sub-interface for trusted interface.
gave this sub-interface the IP

still can't ping or anything beyond from my laptop.

however when i tried a different approach then it worked
i undid all my above changes on netscreen
and configured the trust interface with a secondary IP
at this point my laptop was able to browse internet.

so, bottom line
it works with secondary IP configured in 10.x.x.x range
but does not work with sub-interface.

is it somehow possible to get this working with using sub-interface instead of secondary IP ?
Sanga CollinsSystems AdminCommented:
i believe the reason the sub interface does not work and the secondary interface does is because of vlan tagging. Without the vlan tags im not sure who the juniper is supposed to handle the presence of two network gateways on the same port. I sent an email to one of my juniper account reps to see if he can shed more light on the issue.
sherrysidhuAuthor Commented:
thx buddy. really appreciate your help.
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