CSS for visited link


Please look at this page in IE and Firefox.


In the top dropdown menu when a link has been visited the hovered text gets a dark font the next time you use the drop down.  How can I fix it so that the text is a color such as #ffffff.

Specifically, click on (for example) "Our Locations" -- click on a link and "visit" it and then look how the link then becomes a dark, barely readable color.

The navigation seems to be controlled by the below css snippet:



#nav li a:hover {color: #333333}

#nav li li a:hover {color:white !important}

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Rowby GorenAsked:
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Add a visited behavior to the CSS
#nav li li a:visited {color:white}

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Rowby GorenAuthor Commented:
Hi ksrsinivasan,

I added

#nav li li a:visited {color:white}

to the bottom of the stylesheet, but it did not affect the nav.

Should it be incorporated  in some way to the original below style to make it work?

#nav li li a:hover {color:white !important}

My understanding is there is a certain order that hover, visited etc must be in order for it to all work but I am not sure of that order.

Or is there something else I need to do.

Thanks for helping,

It looks like there is a hover style on the span that is overriding all the other css. Try this.
#nav li li span:visited {color:white !important}

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Rowby GorenAuthor Commented:

I added #nav li li span:visited {color:white !important}

..... to the very end of the css file and it's still showing a dark cover for visited.

Firebug is not being very helpful to me on this....

Atique AnsariCommented:
Search for #nav ul li.active li a span:hover,#nav ul li.active li.active a span:hover,#nav ul li li a:hover,#nav ul li li span.mainlevel:hover in css.php and replace it with

#nav ul li.active li a span:hover,#nav ul li.active li.active a span:hover,#nav ul li li a:hover,#nav ul li li span.mainlevel:hover{color: #FFFFFF;}

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Rowby GorenAuthor Commented:
Hi atique_ansari,

That appears to have fixed it.  As soon as my partner confirms it in his Apple based browser I'll be awarding teh oints.

In the meantime (to educate me) can you tell me how the change you made -- made the difference???


Atique AnsariCommented:
I inspected the page with Firebug and found the name of class which was being applied on hover. Then I searched it in css.php and replaced the color.
Rowby GorenAuthor Commented:
Thanks!   It seems to be working in all modern browsers :)
Atique AnsariCommented:
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