SharePoint Convert Document menu is missing

Hi Experts,

I am trying to covert sharepoint XML files to web pages, first thought was to use XSLT transformation ..but while doing my research, I found this link :

and thought this will save me lot of time but unfortunately I don't see the Convert Document menu in my list (see screen-shot) , any idea how to get this menu item ?


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Things to note:
-Please confirm that you are using MOSS and not wss. This feature if i recall is only supported by MOSS
-The link you sent is for the word version. "The document conversion feature in Office SharePoint Server 2007 supports only the Open XML Formats in Office Word 2007."

Take a look at this:

Make sure to read the "Considerations when converting InfoPath forms to Web pages" section to consider the limitations
MisbahAuthor Commented:
thanks abhitrq,

yes, I am using WSS for testing, but the client is using MOSS,
I am implementing a new feature and this is the first time to face a difference between WSS and MOSS for my goal is basically to download the .xml form as HTML, and I thought this might be an acceptable solution ..I tried the XML transformaion method , but I am wondering if there is a better way, I noticed that the client can open the form in the browser as HTML , and I am thinking there must be a way to download that HTML.

I will consider the above question answered and I just posted a second question for this,
hope you look at it.

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