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The company I work for got a vendor to create a new domain.  On the new domain a new domain controller was created and DHCP was configured.  We have three buildings and each building has its own range of IP address.  The old domain controller still has DHCP and is assigning ip address to two of the buildings.  How do I get the old DHCP to STOP assigning ip address?  And start getting the ip address from the new DHCP?
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Craig BeckCommented:
Delete the scopes from the old DHCP server, or unauthorise it and stop the DHCP service.

You might need to check that any routers between the new DHCP server and the clients has the ip helper address updated with the IP address of the new DHCP server or clients on the other subnets won't get IP addresses.
1. Create the scopes for the two remaining buildings.
2. Update the ip helper address on any routers with the ip of the new dhcp server.
3. Reactive the scopes on the old dhcp server, or stop the dhcp service.
4. Activate the scopes on the new dhcp server.
ReyesrjAuthor Commented:
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