Display stops working after Windows starts to load

Hi All

One of my clients is having an issue I would like to solve.

When they start to boot their Vista machine it will display the splash screen and other boot messages, but the display stops displaying content after Windows starts to load.  When booting into safe mode, the header and footer will appear for about thirty seconds, but the standard display of scrolling files does not display. and after about 30 seconds, the header and footer disappear...    Of note may be that after Windows loading is supposed to have started, I can cntl-alt-delete to reboot, so I don't think the Windows loading actually has started.

The monitor and cable are fine, as I have tested them with another computer successfully.

Any idea what can be the issue, and what steps would you recommend to solve it?  Could it be a corrupt video driver? If so, how to diagnose/solve?

My first inkling is to boot from the Win Vista media and choose repair my computer...

Thanks lots.


Mark LitinOwnerAsked:
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It sounds like it is switching to a second monitor (that isn't hooked up).

Are there two video ports on the PC?  Did the client perhaps unplug the monitor from the PC and then accidentally plug it into the other port?  (I've had one do that on me!)

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Did someone enable a second monitor in the display settings?
Mark LitinOwnerAuthor Commented:
I'm going to confirm these two things tomorrow.

Thanks for the input.

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Michael KnightCommented:
If it's a beefy video card, try a higher voltage Power Supply. The standard 250W supplies will eventually fail on better video cards even though they worked in the past.
note that a system restore can also help you out quickly
Mark LitinOwnerAuthor Commented:
Hi ALl
Thanks for the assist.

I tried a DVI cable to test the other port, and since both the card and monitor would accommodate.  No dice.  Stalled on OS load.

Then I ran windows repair from a VIsta SP2 disk, which eventually identified a corrupt registry.  The next go-round rolled back the registry and the OS booted successfully.  Yea!

Thanks for all your prompt and appreciated input.

i wonder why the other posts were given credit, since they did not give  a solution?
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