External hard drive fell to floor now just beeps

I have a Seagate 1 TB hard drive that fell about 3 feet from a table, now when I connect it to a computer it beeps 8-10 tmes but I cannot see the drive in my computer or Disk Management.   I took it out of it's case and connected it directly to a computer as a slave drive (Sata drive), but it does the same thing.  Is ther any hope for this drive.   Outside of spending 500+ dollars bringing it somewhere, is there anything I can try to pull the data off of it?
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If you don't see it in drive management you are probably screwed. Try booting to something like Ultimate Boot CD to see if it sees it. After slaving it do you see it in your BIOS?

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Most likely when it hit the ground it busted or misaligned the mechanical parts inside that makes the disk spin (assuming its not a solid state drive). Not too much you can do.

I've heard of people trying to find the same setup and taking them both apart and transferring the good part in, but even then the drives disk is very sensitive to dust and dirt. And thats just in hopes you can get the disk running long enough to copy the contents to a disk before the frankendisk dies.

In short what was on that disk is lost unless you wanna pay $$$$ for a recovery service, which isn't usually guaranteed.
What KGNickl said: Professional recovery service is probably the only viable option, if the data is of that much value to you.  And success is not guaranteed.
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Shop around for disk recovery services.  $500 sounds a little high to me...

I used to work for Dell in a Server Storage Testing lab before free fall protection was around. We would get drives that'd been dropped like you described and they're almost always a loss. I spoke to a Western Digital rep about physical damage to drives while I worked for Dell and he echoed our findings--even about his own branded drives.  

Swapping out the servo mechanism in an attempt to resuscitate the drive is risky and can be difficult. It will also probably either rule out or increase the cost of professional data recovery.

Like I said, shop around...
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
There was a time when it was possible to exchange parts between drives, but as rindi has rightly commented elsewhere, those days are no more.  Tiny tolerances that were once swamped by big heads and large bit domains have now become major parts of performance.  Heads are now so variable in terms of relative performance that the on-board controller must be tuned to the specific platters and heads in that drive.

Considering the equipment, time and effort that goes into a recovery of a modern disk drive, I would not consider $500 unreasonable.
Sorry, absolutely no hope at all. Best you can do is get free estimates.  DO NOT TURN ON THE DISK. IT RISKS FURTHER DAMAGE.
You could try removing the drive from the enclosure and plugging it directly into a computer - on the off chance that its the enclosure that is wrecked and not the drive.  I admit it is likely the drive but its worth a shot.
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syssolutAuthor Commented:
OK    Will look at estimates, but looks like will call it a loss.   Thanks for suggestions
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