Desktop processing focus disable?

I want to know if there is a way of disabling Windows 7, window focus?  Example: I want to have multiple video player windows opened at that same time without those that are out of focus lagging choppy video.  Another example would be having two game client windows opened on the desktop, maybe, one left side one right side without video lag and chop on the one thats out of focus? I realized linux is a different animal but this isnt an issue with linux unfortunitly i cant use linux(no i am not going to f around with wine) I need to be able to do this in windows but how?  My computer can handle it 8core/16gb ram 2x-HD6970 crossfire.  

Thank you in advance for your input!
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Hi... even with the most powerful computer made... dual video control has always been a "want" rather than a "reality", since you are connected to just one monitor..

With the new Windows 7, they included Virtual PC... now this is how I run, MW3 and WOW at the same time..

I activated the Virtual PC in windows 7, and setup another Windows 7 "computer" inside my "computer"...   it seems to work ok for me... but since it is still just one Monitor... I do get some lag.. so, I just ordered a 2nd monitor to run on my 2nd video card, which I had on Crossfire before, I will now set them up as seperate entities with Virtual PC on the 2nd monitor..

Here's the "HOWTOGEEK.COM" instructions on setting up the virtual PC.. works great for me


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jelterAuthor Commented:
Yea found this on MS forum.  I really hate Microsoft!  Linux xwindows can have two or ten active windows opened at once.  Keyword is "input focus", how about focus with equal system output, they cant all have INPUT focus.  Maybe in 10 or 20 years MS will get a clue that maybe more than one window can have equal, or evenly divided, system resources for processing and output...  Its crap i tell you! =)

Q: I am wondering if there is any way to have two active windows at the same

A: Nope, the way Windows is made says there can be only one "input focus" at a
time. There is no way around this...

Dana Cline - MCE MVP
jelterAuthor Commented:
Its the way it is, see comment.
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