DLL Error On Boot Up - Windows XP Media Center - Dell XPS 410

Anyone know what this means:

The Procedure Entry Point LocalizedString Could Not Be Located In The Dymanic Link Library STLang.dll
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Paul JacksonSoftware EngineerCommented:
After you click ok, on that error, do you then get an error that says;

"Sigmatel audio tray application has stopped working"

let me know

Michael KnightCommented:
That's the SigmaTel driver. Uninstall from Add/Remove any SigmaTel applications and reinstall.
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mvalencia2003Author Commented:
theSAPPHIRE - I do NOT see error: "Sigmatel audio tray application has stopped working"
reinstall the driver:  

do you have the driver disk(s) that came with the laptop?  reinstall the audio/SigmaTel software or driver.  support.dell.com doesn't have drivers for this system anymore, so i had to find it elsewhere.  here:  
the driver is for the Optiplex 740, but the installer works for other systems--and according to one comment, will work on the 410.  try it...

as mentioned previously, if you also have any SigmaTel software in Add/Remove Programs, look into doing an uninstall and reinstall on that as well if the driver reinstall doesn't work.
mvalencia2003Author Commented:
I did this :
Step 1: Start the System Configuration Utility
1.Click Start, click Run, type msconfig, and then click OK.
2.The System Configuration Utility dialog box is displayed.

Step 2: Configure selective startup options
1.In the System Configuration Utility dialog box, click the General tab, and then click Selective Startup.
2.Click to clear the Process SYSTEM.INI File check box.
3.Click to clear the Process WIN.INI File check box.
4.Click to clear the Load Startup Items check box. Verify that Load System Services and Use Original BOOT.INI are checked.
5.Click the Services tab.
6.Click to select the Hide All Microsoft Services check box.
7.Click Disable All, and then click OK.
8.When you are prompted, click Restart to restart the computer.

Step 3: Log on to Windows
1.If you are prompted, log on to Windows.
2.When you receive the following message, click to select the Don't show this message or launch the System Configuration Utility when Windows start check box, and then click OK.

& The Error Did Not Appear...
Recheck everything EXCEPT Load Startup Items--odds are that's most likely where the issue is. If the error still doesn't appear, that confirms it is a startup item listed there causing the problem. Start checking each one until the error reappears--that's your culprit.

If the error appears again after checking the SYSTEM, WIN, and Services stuff, then your error is a bit deeper...let us know.

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mvalencia2003Author Commented:
Culprit was in Startup Items...
Start reenabling those items one at a time and rebooting after each to see if the error comes back. When the error comes back, you've just enabled the bad items. Uninstall it and reinstall if necessary.

If you still have issues, let us know.
mvalencia2003Author Commented:
Problem was : sttray.exe
did not check this item , PC booted up ok.  Checked sound, works ok.

Thanks all...
SigmaTel Tray icon. Please reinstall the Sigmatel software and this error will go away and fix any functionality issue with the audio icon that should be in the tray next to the time.

After you reinstall the Sigmatel software, reenable that check in the startup items folder and there should be no error.
mvalencia2003Author Commented:
Problem was : sttray.exe

Sound works great...
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