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I need some clarification on phones and extensions. I have a company with number of different branches and some users are moving to other offices. Is it easy to do call transfer for their work office numbers to the new location. We have cisco digital system in some locations and in others will be analog.

Also I need to know how we do forwarding if the person has only an internal extension and in terms of direct lines. Also what is the meaning of DID number and other types of phone lines. if there is a general solution in case If I dont know who is the telco or what

I am sorry but this is something I dont know much.

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If the phones are all VOIP, you can setup the phones anywhere in the world, since they use TCP/IP to communicate with the VOIP Server...  you just have to read the instructions for the VOIP phone set you have, and configure the phone to match the VOIP server using the VOIP ip address schema.

Also, if you do forwarding, then everytime you get a call, you hold up the line, while the call is "forwarded" to another phone number.  In some systems, you actually hold up 2 lines.. one for the incoming call, and one for the outgoing that connects to the forwarded number.

DID ='s Direct Inward Dialing, which is, normally you can purchase a group of DID numbers, say, 555-2000 to 555-2200, giving you about 200 incoming phone numbers.. (DID's)... in the phone system, you "point" one of the DID numbers, say, 555-2000 to extension 0, as the main line..  or point 555-2100 to the accounting department, say at extension 2100 if you can match DID's to actual extensions on your phone system.

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