Batch convert .wk4 and Works 4 (95) files to 07/10 Office

Hello, I'm looking for a method to batch convert old .wk4 files and some Works 4 files to a clients new systems which use Office 2010. The works 4 files do have quite a bit of formatting to them but I don't think it'll be too much issue. We do have legitimate copies of Works 4.5, Works 6, Works 9, Office 03, 07, and 10, along with Lotus-1-2-3, to aid with the conversion. So I'm just looking for what's best for the situation, the least amount of time with the best results.

Thank you for your assistance!

Casey WeaverNetwork EngineerAsked:
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Casey WeaverNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
I ended up having to do it manually. I tried to find ABC but they were all shady websites selling it, no one had a working demo, and the manufacturer never responded to emails. Not to mention several websites were trying to sell it. Just seemed very poor all the way around. We hire a temp to do the manual labor to get it done.
Casey WeaverNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
Used Office 2k3 to open and save as. Slow and painful process on 3,000+ files.
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