How to remove proxy setting in Window 7 Pro

I have previously configured a proxy server in Google Chorme.  Since then I have disable it by uncheccking it in LAN setting under Proxy server.

How can I double check all my request I no longer go through proxy.
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abbrightConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Using tracert just shows you whether could be reached directly. It likely will not list your proxy anyway even if it was configured to be used.
In order to be absolutely sure your browser does not use the proxy anymore you need to check what server it connects to, either directly or the proxy which in turn connects to google.
I think the easiest and safest way would be to install a packet filter on your machine ( to trace the outgoing connections.
Other options like shutting down the proxy or using a firewall could alter the behaviour of your browser such that it might try to reach the proxy at first which is not possible in these cases and as a second option try to connect directly. That way you would not be sure you don't use the proxy even if it exists.
Check with


It will traceroute the hops to reach google. Proxy server IP should not be listed in it.
If you go to
and see a "  via:  a.b.c.d:3128 "   header, it should mean you are still using a proxy server.
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Unfortunately this does not seem to be reliable, though I'm using a proxy it does not show a "via:"-line :-(
ujitnosConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Browse to site;

First enable proxy and browse to the site, you will get a public IP, now disable the proxy and browse the  site again you will get another public IP, now if you compare these and keep it as the baseline then you can decide if you are going via proxy or not.

A long shot, but should work.
abbrightConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Keep in mind that this works only if your proxy and your laptop use different gateways to the internet. If they don't you won't see a difference.
tommym121Author Commented:
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