What is the best network configuration method (ex.) security method to setup a Windows Server 2003 32 bit SP2/2008 SP2/2008R2 SP1 behind a linksys wireless router?

What is the best network configuration method  (ex.) security method to setup a Windows Server 2003 32 bit SP2/2008 SP2/2008R2 SP1 behind a linksys wireless router?
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jeamrotaeAuthor Commented:
Note I have 4 static ip for ISP.

Host Web Server  with websites and ssl ftp site on server 2008 sp2 with one of the static ip. This is behind linksys router.

Host Exchange server 2003 on a server 2003 sp2 another static ip. Also, AD on is on this machine. IIS 6.0 is redirect to websites hosted on 2008 (configured redirection from domain host and at my server)

I would like to setup RD gateway and RD web just for me another user ( other user uses apple mac) If possibe I would like to publish adobe application to update websites remotely
The "home user firewall" you have there (yes it is a firewall, not a router) is just that,...an home User product,...at least that is how I interpret most Linksys products.   To my knowledge it is only capable of using one Public IP#,....but that is all you need anyway.   The Web/FTP Server will use 80, 443, and 21,....while the Exchange will use 25, 110, and 119 as long as you aren't going to use OWA.  So all that can run with a single public IP#.

Anyway,...it is "secure" before you do anything with it,...because it is unreachable.  You have to "unsecure" it to make the Web Server/FTP Server and the Exchange Server available to the outside.  Once you unsecure it and make it available to the outside then the security rests on the quality of the code the Web Site was written with and by not doing anything "silly" with the FTP Server.  Exchange was designed to be exposed on its standard mail ports so it is fine as long as you don't leave it as an open relay.

Running Exchange and a DC on the same machine is a really bad idea.  You'd be better off buying one additional Server license and then running the DC on the physical 2008 box (as a 2008 DC) and include Hyper-V.  Then add the Web/FTP Server as an additional VM.  Then run Exchange on the physical 2003 box all by itself.  

Then replace the Linksys "toy" firewall with a "real" firewall,...you can buy a mid-range pro-sumer firewall product for a few hundred up to around $500.  An industrial firewall will be $1000 and upwards.  By replacing that you can make use of your other 3 IP#s.

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jeamrotaeAuthor Commented:
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