Select Statement Query Problem

I am trying following query but i am not getting desired result,
and i know that query is not correct..
what am i doing wrong..?
Please correct me...

BD.GName related record only but where CST = 0 or text1(0).text  and  BD.IDT = 0 and code = 0 or code = 1 or code = 2 or BD.Status_Rec = 2 or BD.Status_Rec = 3)

where BD.GName = '" & Text1(3).text & "' and BD.CST =  '" & Text1(0).text & "' and BD.IDTNo = 0 or BD.CST = '0' or BD.Code = 1 or BD.Code = 0 or BD.Status_Rec = 2  or BD.Status_Rec = 3))
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I have 2 suggestions:

If you create a query string from user data, allways replace single quotes with 2 single quotes to avoid incorrect termination. For example: if text1(0).text contains "The King's Arms Pub", the query string would search for "BD.GName = 'The King'" and probably generate an error.

In addtion, use extra parenthesis around the "OR" statements to group the conditions.

where BD.GName = '" & Replace(Text1(3).text, "'", "''") & "' and BD.CST = '" & Replace(Text1(0).text, "'", "''") & "' and (BD.IDTNo = 0 or BD.CST = '0' or BD.Code = 1 or BD.Code = 0 or BD.Status_Rec = 2  or BD.Status_Rec = 3)

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1. you have an extra ) or two at the end of your string

2. You are missing a code=2 check
BD.GName = '" & Text1(3).text & "' and BD.CST =  '" & Text1(0).text & "' and BD.IDTNo = 0 or BD.CST = '0' or BD.Code In (0,1,2) or BD.Status_Rec In (2,3)

3. As Ironhoofs already stated, you need to add parentheses to make your logic right.

4. Is there a difference between the BD.IDT and BD.IDTNo fields?
crystal_TechAuthor Commented:
Thanks for helping me.

i have tried your suggestion,
but its giving me all records. but i want filtered record.
let me Show you whole procedure.. (Please dont put this post on any search engine like google..etc.)

To check STOCK i am using following query.
RsTrans.Open "Select BD.BiltyNo, BD.To, BD.Article, BD.Pvt_Mark AS PM_No, BD.Description, BD.Consignee, BD.Weight, BD.Total, BD.BDate, BD.Consignor, BD.Pymt_mode from Bilty_Detail as BD where BD.GroupName = '" & Combo1.text & "' and (Code = 1 or Code = 0) and (Status_Rec = 2 or Status_Rec = 0) and CST = '0' group by BD.BiltyNo, BD.To, BD.Article, BD.Pvt_Mark, BD.Description, BD.Consignee, BD.Weight, BD.Total, BD.BDate, BD.Consignor, BD.Pymt_mode order by BD.BiltyNo", con, adOpenKeyset, adLockPessimistic

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then some of field i am editing
like this.
rsBilty!code = "2"
rsBilty!Status_Rec = "3"
rsBilty!CST = Text1(0)

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Now what i want is
i want both detail which is together.
i hope i explained.

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* I don't understand how you can edit a recordset based on a Group By query.

* Why are you using Group By if you don't have any aggregation functions?

* Everything you post is public.

* You may have explained it, but I don't understand it in relation to your question.
crystal_TechAuthor Commented:

<<I don't understand how you can edit a recordset based on a Group By query.>>

* no no i am edit record not from query its from another process.

* because to avoid Duplication record i am using GROUP BY

You can also use Distinct
crystal_TechAuthor Commented:

Thanks aikimark:
my answer was in my question,
Parameter was wrong..

Please assist me here..

>>Parameter was wrong..

Does that mean that you solved your own problem?

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