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I have a sharepoint list and I am using listdata.svc to access the SharePoint data. The Regional settings on the SharePoint Site is set UTC -6 (Central Time US) and now I am using Javascript function to parse the Date however, I am getting one day less. for eg: if the actual date is 12/5/2011  The javascriupt is parsing it as 12/4/2011.

Below is my Javascript:

function mwh_parseSharePointDate(sharePointdate)


                       var itemDate = new Date(parseInt(sharePointdate.substring(6, 19)));

                   return  itemDate;


Please help,

Thank you.,

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I would assume that this is a timezone issue.

The date Jan, 5th 2012 is a whole number without fraction because it has not time portion.

After retrieving this it will apply the -6 hours  so it will be Jan, 4th 2012 18:00.

ParseInt() will delete the timeportion and make it to Jan 4th, 2012.

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