HP 8500 printing odd characters with some fonts

I've installed a HP 8500 over the network. IT prints fine if I use some fonts ( a.ex. Times new Roman) and funny signs If I use other fonts (Calibri).
I have tried from several machines with different OS and tried the latest driver as well.
Any idea how to solve this?
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Robert Sutton JrSenior Network ManagerCommented:
Have you tried doing a reset on the printer? Try the following steps. NOTE: You will lose any stored #'s after the reset occur's.

Front panel press the * & # key at the same time, then press 1,2,3 in that order on the touch screen. Hit the left arrow button twice, you should see the reset menu. Press ok.  Hit the left arrow two more times and it should say "semi-full reset" press ok and this will be performed.  The printer should shut down and will have to be turned back on, it will ask you for your language and your country the printer should initialize itself and should print an alignment page.

Let us know
Are you printing via PCL or Postscript drivers?
Also, did you use the original install media which came with the printer or have you tried to download both the basic and full download driver options via the HP site?
AlasdairbAuthor Commented:
I'm printing via PCL
But I've tried the PS as well.
Regarding the drivers, I tried the media which came with the printer and tried the download from HP. I only tried the full download.
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Make sure the driver is set to use softfonts rather than printer fonts. I can't tell you where to find it, as it varies from driver to driver. On my printer I go to Properties > Advanced tab. Then click the Printing Defaults button. In the next window there's an Advanced button where I can set "TrueType font" to "Download as Softfont" instead of "Use printer fonts"

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hdhondt advises you to use soft [downloaded] fonts rather than printer [resident] fonts.

In many cases, this is is good advice if you want true WYSIWYG, since the standard printer-resident fonts don't always EXACTLY match the equivalent workstation resident (TrueType) display fonts; so the printer driver dynamically generates and downloads PCL-encapsulated equivalents of the source display font(s).

But in this case, you say that Times New Roman text prints fine, whilst text using Calibri does not.

But Times New Roman is almost certainly rendered using a standard LaserJet printer-resident font, whilst Calibri certainly won't be (no LaserJet printer has Calibri as a resident font), so Calibri text will be printed either using a substitute font, or (less likely) as a raster graphic image, or (more likely) using a downloaded soft font.
i.e. it is almost certainly already being printed using the soft font mechanism.

I have a small niggle at the back of my mind that there was a problem with some versions of either Word, or printer drivers, when generating the printer soft font for Calibri, but I can't remember any details.
AlasdairbAuthor Commented:
the problem is solved.
I tried around enabling and disabling options and found that if i untick the "enable advance printer features" in the advanced tab from the printer properties  the problem is solved.
Thanks a lot for your help.
AlasdairbAuthor Commented:
The solution was not complete but it put me on the right way with some good hints
Did come across a known issue with some printer drivers, check that the correct 32bit or 64bit drivers are installed and active.
Right click on printer, select driver, then specify or verify.
Be worth just checking it out I think, came across another HP LaserJet over the weekend which was doing wierd print/output of fonts and pictures, etc, plus utility was cranky, uninstalled the lot, deleted any spare files and did a manual install and specified the driver instead of the standard install, sorted it out pretty much.

I think you should accept your own solution instead of giving away the points. We might have led you in the right direction, but you found it!
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