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Hi Guys,

I have vertical slider in place using http://logicbox.net/jquery/simplyscroll

This works great how over I need to change some text ina div depending on where the scroller is

For example I am scrolling over a bottle and when the scroll hits the label I want to trigger an action

The way in which I am doing this now is using some mouseover code which works buit I need the mouse over hot spot from scroller to allow my custom mouse over to be triggered. I am guessing this all to do with the stacking of the divs

Here is my code

		<div class="big-bottle">
			<div id="hotcontain" style="position:absolute;">
				<div id="a1" style="background:red;" class="hotareas">
					Area 1
				<div id="a2" style="background:green;" class="hotareas">
					Area 2
				<div id="a3" style="background:pink;" class="hotareas">
					Area 3

				<div id="a4" style="background:white;" class="hotareas">
					Area 4
				<div id="a5" style="background:blue;" class="hotareas">
					Area 5

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                  className: 'vert',
                  horizontal: false,
                  frameRate: 20,
                  speed: 5
            $('#a1').mouseenter(function() {
              $('.g-txt').html('TEXT TO ADD FOR AREA 1');
            $('#a2').mouseenter(function() {
                    $('.g-txt').html('TEXT TO ADD FOR AREA 2');
            $('#a3').mouseenter(function() {
                    $('.g-txt').html('TEXT TO ADD FOR AREA 3');

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john_yourspaceAuthor Commented:
Hi guys,

Sorry if I am not clear

A simple example is this

I have three divs

A container div
A button div
A content div

The content div over laps the button div ie is stacked on top as it moves

My question / problem

The content div has a mouse over action (changes text of another div)

My button div also has a mouse over action ie move the content div vertically

As two separate pieces my mouse over works

My problem is when some one mouses over the content div which is coverd by the button div only the button action happens I need both to happen

So to clarify two divs on top of one another I need both mouse actions to trigger
Lukasz ChmielewskiCommented:
Could you post your code or at least tell us what is the problem when you hover the mouse on the div ? Does this do anything ?
chaitu chaituCommented:
john_yourspaceAuthor Commented:
figured it out my self,
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