Allow Power Users to change ODBC System DSN Settings in Windows 7 Pro

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I have a program that is running on a Windows 7 Pro PC  (this software is not compatible with Win 7 SP 1 yet) that makes changes to the ODBC System DSN settings to point to different servers based on if they are using the application in a training version or production version.

The software vendor is telling me that the only way for this to work correctly is to allow users to have local admin privileges to the PC, which we don’t want to grant to this particular group of users.

The users are in the local Power Users Group on the PC, but Power Users in Windows 7 is not quite the same as it was in XP.

How do I allow this group to make the changes to ODBC System DSN without granting local admin privileges to the PC?

Can I create a local group policy? Change the service that runs ODBCAD32.exe to allow this group to make changes without being an admin? Make a Registry Change to allow this group to make changes?

I tried to grant special security privileges to the ODBCAD32.exe (through the properties of the ODBCAD32.exe) to allow this user group full access thinking it would help make changes to the System DSN, but when I try to open the ODBCAD under a users sign on it errors out and says I cannot make changes because I am not an admin.

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Are you running on a domain environment?


Yes, we are running a domain environment.

Would I need to create a domain group policy for this particular group or can I create a local policy?
Went into Registry and changed the permissions for ODBC to grant the particular Active Directory Group of users full access to the ODBC.

Went into Regedit

Right click ODBC and chose Permissions.
Add the user or group you want to grant permissions to. Granted user group full permissions. Tested and works correctly.

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