Hi All:

I have three users that are not fully accessing the internet. They can access Google or Yahoo for example, but they're unable to open any page on their Favorites folder. If they logon to each other machine they have no problem at all and can access any page (which is not obviously blocked by the firewall). I have deleted and recreated their profiles on their respective machines and they have been able to open their Favorites (where they locate very important links for business tasks). After few days the problem has returned. If they want to open a Favorite page they receive the message: "Waiting fro proxy....". If they go to another machine that does not happen. What might be the problem? Is there any Vista or Office 2007 update the cause of this strange behavior? Like two months ago I have another user with same problem but after deleting and recreating his profile the problem was resolved and never returned. Please advice. Thanks.
Hunter24Office 365 Support EngineerAsked:
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this may be more of a DNS name resolution issue from the machines in question.  Do you use a proxy server in between or is the browsing direct?
Hunter24Office 365 Support EngineerAuthor Commented:
All machines in the network use the proxy, only these three has that problem.
Hunter24Office 365 Support EngineerAuthor Commented:
Message displayed now after trying to open a website is : "detecting proxy settings....", but this message does not appear when I open IBM, Google website, etc.
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Seams a  proxy issue.

Wich proxy you have ? What error you get when you access to thosse sites ?
Hunter24Office 365 Support EngineerAuthor Commented:
Proxy is installed in India and Brazil I do not have access to it. If you try to open the page message displayed below is : "Detecting proxy settings..." It goes in a loop for almost 5 minutes then says "Page cannot be displayed'.
Hunter24Office 365 Support EngineerAuthor Commented:
Hi guys:

Any new idea or approach to resolve this issue?
>> If they go to another machine that does not happen...

Just a passing thought...
Have you checked to see if the problem follows them to the other machine after a few days?

That might help narrow down where the problem is coming from.
If it's the proxy (server?) or local machine messing up the profiles.
Hunter24Office 365 Support EngineerAuthor Commented:
Hi All:

Thanks for your comments. The issue is now being investigating by  an internal security group. Please close this request. Thanks

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Hunter24Office 365 Support EngineerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your comments!
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