Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file.

We recieve the following error on machine when playing a wmv file. This is a Windows 7 64 bit machine. We have tried uninstalling and reinstalling media player. Installing the codecs and still the same problem. Any ideas on how to fix this would be great. Thanks.
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Is that file working in different computer?
was it a at some point a different format?

I use the klight codec pack on all my machines...allows media player to play just about any format.

tomtom98Author Commented:
Yes the file works fine on multiple computers, but then I have multiple computers that it does not.
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Do the machines it doesn't work on have the latest version of media player?  If there is any, whats the difference btwn the machines it does work on and the ones it doesn't?
Close all apps and then run this fixit.

Restart computer and check.

tomtom98Author Commented:
Fix did nothing. Still same issue. There should be no difference between the machines as they are all created from the same image. This is why we are baffled.
try the klight codec on one machine and see what player may prompt for a restart after u install klight and try to open the file
I hope is not a protected wmv file

Follow this article and run this reset drm

Reboot and check.


tomtom98Author Commented:
Tells me that it can only run on XP or Vista.
You are right ....if you read the kb article it says you have to set it to compatibility mode if you have sp1 installed.

Important For Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1), you must set the ResetDRM.exe application to Windows 7 compatibility mode before fit will run. To do this, right-click ResetDRM.exe and click Properties and then click the Compatibility tab. Click to place a check in the checkbox for Run this program in compatibility mode for: . Select Windows 7 in the dropdown list and click OK. Follow steps in step B again.



tomtom98Author Commented:
Thanks for the info...Stupid me guess you need to read. My bad. Ran the program and still no go. Attached is the error that I get.
Can you try other wmv files from  internet..

tomtom98Author Commented:
yeah with same result. It is just really weird. Another part to this story and being an IT for 15 years is crazy. The videos will play on my left monitor, but when moved/opened on the right monitor it crashes??? Has myself and team baffled.
Uninstall all codec and restart the computer.

Download klitemegacodec

During the install you will get two player and media player both options and complete the install.

Reboot and check wmv.

Try and give VLC a go, sometimes it bypasses problems with Media Player.  / search for VLC.
It will bypass issues with Media Player (which can be stuck for a number of issues).
Tend to find it is light, quick and simple, yet Media Player can be cranky with any number of wierd issues, yet VLC works.

Maybe you need to check the codec of these files. Some WMV files are encoded with a G2M4 codec:

But, when you install K-lite Mega Codec Pack you have to enable this codec in Direct Dhow Filters and such WMV file can be played with Media Player Classic Home Cinema that is installed if you select it during the installation of K-Lite Pack.

If there will be further problems then read this, so maybe it will help you:


does the file works with other player?

try play it with winamp or real player
tomtom98Author Commented:
We are only allowed to use windows media player. We have found that if we open the 64 bit version of windows media player we have no issues at all. The moment which is default the 32 bit version of windows media player is used we get all kinds of problems and crashes. any ideas what to do about this would be great. Thanks.

Any ideas what to do about this would be great. Thanks.

I have ideas. But, you should answer to several questions that are related to your WMP on Windows 7 32-bit version:

1. Please, can you answer which Codec Pack do you use? If I don't know do you use K-Lite Mega Pack or some other Codec Pack, then I haven't information about your way of playing WMV..
There is no any WMV file that can be played WITHOUT a codec for WMV !
2. Can you post here any Internet link with at least one of your WMV files  that don't play on your Windows 7 32-bit?


tomtom98Author Commented:
I just installed the K-lite codec pack

I cannot play this video it crashes

Did u try another user account in same machine...try creating new user account for test purpose.


What user types have you tried using?
Would suggest that you try with an administrator level account and see if it works.
Then try a typical user.
Also, does the internet connection go via a proxy or directly out on the internet?
Be worth testing the problem with both proxy or not using proxy on both administrator level account and the typical user profile, we've come across some issues in the past where some apps stick the first time (if you are using a 64bit os environment - where the app tries to go directly on the net but hangs or causes a fatal exception, as it tries to connect online but cannot support first time around via proxy, once up and running, reset and activate the proxy then the app works fine).
Worth trying?
tomtom98Author Commented:
Tried multiple users and admin accounts same problems
Are these computer connected to domain ...if yes then login locally and then try playing wmv files.

would suggest also to check what policies are set for internet explorer (with media player support) and media player itself, if something is causing media player to hang when it tries to open, it could account for problem.
RE "yeah with same result. It is just really weird. Another part to this story and being an IT for 15 years is crazy. The videos will play on my left monitor, but when moved/opened on the right monitor it crashes??? Has myself and team baffled. "
What kind of video cards do you have?  If the video card has some sort of media or capture capability it might be causing some sort of conflict via the event log, cross reference the data and time of media player hanging against the system log and application log, must be something running the background that we can't account for.
The logs will probably highlight either an application or driver issue, also security log should probably show media player connecting to the web for either a codec or connection to play the video you gave via url link above.
tomtom98Author Commented:
Tried locally.

We have ATI Radeon HD 3450
tomtom98Author Commented:
Also checked windows logs and nothing from crash
Are the video drivers & utility for video drivers verified as being correct for both os and bit version, ie. 7/64bit?
Also, is video card integrated ie. built into motherboard, or a separate video card.
Are systems - laptop or desktop?
What version of Windows 7 - 64bit - yes - what edition of Win7?
Plus can you let me know what is total system ram? 1gb 2gb 4gb etc?

I just installed the K-lite codec pack

I cannot play this video it crashes

Sorry, but this video is damaged although you can see that video in WMP on some PCs.
Did you notice that this video is playing a 4 seconds ( in my case ) in WMP and then is pause for 4 seconds after WMV playing is finished.
I have tested it on WMP. In VLC this video is disappeared after 3 seconds and in Media Player Classic that is installed together with K-Lite Codec Pack this WMV file was playing 4 seconds and then STOPED and it give alert - Pause  !!!

In these 3 video players there was no sound when I played your WMV file although the MediaInfo showed that sound exists !!! But, it could be also a file that recorded a sound while the microphone or Stereo mix were Turned Off.

But, this is a problem with a codecs. So I will show you a way how to check that codecs.
You probably know that when you installed a Codec Pack, many of codecs are DISABLED by DEFAULT. So, you have to ENABLE them manually.

How? I will show you how. First open Windows Media Player, then go to View->Plug-ins->click Options:

Then you will get an window and select a DVD tab and click on Advanced button:

Now, here is a list of all your codecs under WMP. You can notice that some important codecs for your WMV file ( WMV1, WMV2 and WMV3 ) are DISABLED:

The only thing you have to do is to set the codecs, that are in a red rectangular, to be ENABLED and it means you have to set them like is marked in the following image - set to LIBAVCODEC especially WMV1, WMV2 and WMV3 codec:

Then you can click OK button and again OK button and close your Windows Media Player.

Then start again your Windows Media Player and try to play an WMV file that has at least 1 or 2 MB in size and the good sound.

best regards


This is a one way how to enable codecs. If it doesn't work then we have to set ENABLED other codecs.

Looked up Ati card problem, a coworker mentioned this link, be worth looking in detail;
He had a client who does video demo work, clips for presentations etc, problem seems to be that some codecs are 32bit and 64bit - so either, 32bit or 64bit, or both 32/64bit.
Cross referenced this post with one of the media whiz girls we know, she said that we needed to do a driver & utility package for video card, completely stripped out the video card, uninstalled and did a full clean removal of the old card driver & utility for the video card itself, used for the removal tool I think, downloaded directly the AMD Catalyst software, then told Windows 7 what driver and program to use, ensuring that no windows update screwed it up.
She said to look up the problem here;

The Windows 7 codec issue is one we've come across, some of the companies we support occasionally have a  similar issue to what you're describing re end user playback, they've often suggest the client try VLC for playback, less support issues.

Can you find out who created the original video or video clips that you are wanting to playback, then if possible ask them what they used originally to create the clips.

I think that might go a long way in resolving the issues.

tomtom98Author Commented:
ok seems to some what be working, but very choppy.

Hello tomtom98,

I would like to explain how to manage with codecs in K-Lite Codec Pack.
The basic settings are usually during the K-Lite Codec Pack set to be DISABLED.

So, I have to explain what to do so codecs will work.

First, you need to go to K-Lite folder that is created in Start menu->Programs and then chose Configuration folder:

Here are a 3 icons that we use to choose codecs and set them to be DISABLED or ENABLED:

- ffdshow audio decoder - here we set a codecs for audio files and audio that is in videos ( movies ) files,
- ffdshow video decoder - here we set a codecs for video files,
- ffdshow VFW interface - this is a list of codecs, in fact, encoders for various file types.

First, I will click on the ffdshow audio decoder icon and you can see the two codecs ( WMA - Windows Media Audio - WMA7 and WMA8/9 ) that must be ENABLED to hear a sound in your WMV files. Values are set to LIBAVCODEC and we can press OK button:

Second, I will click on the ffdshow video decoder icon and set a values wmv9 under decoder column for next codecs - WMV1/7, WMV2/8, WMV3/9, VC-1 and WMVP.
You have to set or enable these wmv9 values, like it is a shown in the image below and press OK button:

Third, I will click on the ffdshow VFW interface icon and set the values LIBAVCODEC like it is shown in the image below, marked with a red rectangular, and press OK button:


Now, there is something that not works on every PC. This my explanation and settings MUST work immediately WITHOUT restarting a PC.
Now, you can try to watch your WMV video with WMP 12.

If something will be wrong, then check all these 3 settings that I explained and with correct values click on the OK button and RESTART your PC.

The reason of restarting is that during a K-Lite Codec Pack you can choose to write a codecs settings in a Regystry or in an .INI file.

That's all. I hope it will work. My Windows system has also an ATI Graphic Card with installed ATI Catalyst Control Center.

good luck

tomtom98Author Commented:
Still same problems...Runs great on my main screen. On secondary choppy and then crashes with a codec error. We have found that this is true of all machines with further testing.
Are the monitor drivers installed.

tomtom98Author Commented:
yes ati drivers installed....even removed all the latest from the ati website installed and same problem. I am starting to feel as though it may be something with the video card and not the media player. Just not sure where to begin with it. Checking their site now.
I mean monitor drivers not graphics drivers...check device you see standard monitor driver.

tomtom98Author Commented:
Looks like the problem is that when media player is running in 32 bit mode it is unable to use the direct3d acceleration. In 64 bit works fine. Any ideas on how to get this enabled in 32 bit as i have tried everything. 32 bit 64 bit

Sorry, but I would like to ask you something.

Here you have a resolution 1280x1024. It can be OK. But with Generic PnP Monitor I am not sure about that. Are you sure it is OK?

And I have to ask - did you see a Main Driver ( or drivers !!! ) on your 32-bit Windows 7?

Here in the red rectangular are marked aticfx64.dll and again aticfx64.dll then aticfx32.dll !

Windows 7 32-bit

I am not quite sure that this is OK. Because, I don't know does this 32-bit Windows 7 really use both types of DLL files in the same time - I suppose not, but then there can be collision between these 64-bit and 32-bit drivers.
And it is probably also set in the Registry of that Windows 7 32-bit.

If is that really cause of such behaviour of WMP 12 then these 64-bit DLL drivers must be removed from Windows 7 and every information about 64-bit drivers must be removed from Registry.



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tomtom98Author Commented:
We had to do a registry hack to get Direct3d Acceleration to enable and resolved the issue.
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