visual studio 2010 ultimate

Hi, i dont really know where to start, i have a access database and a column called license_Doc that is type of 'Attachment' what i need is that col will hold 'embed' a word document that is related to the doctor's or staff's ID number or name or watever, im using visual studio 2010 ultimate,, i load the datagridview and shows everything but that license_doc items, its empty!!! but from access i can open it and it will show me which attachment to open and so on, how can i put that value into a datagrid view, be it a picture or a word document so i can double click and that document will show (document in the database not linked, so wen i move me database i still have everything), im so sorry i got no code to begin with, because i do not know where to start or look even google does not have much info!!!
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NorieAnalyst Assistant Commented:
What type of field is is the licence_doc in?

Is it a multivalue field?
ahashashAuthor Commented:
no its just a column in access and type is attachment not text or date, but if i add attachment i can add more than one attachment, in access its fine, but in visual studio its not showing in the datagridview, actually it just shows strange characters, or says bytes.
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ahashashAuthor Commented:
tried but that link shows c sharp code and not really related to my issue, thanks though it was informative, the thing is im sure there is a simple way that im pretty sure i can do from the ide tools itself but im really lost

thanks stephan
NorieAnalyst Assistant Commented:
So the type of the field is attachment and it can have multiple items, so it's a multi-valued attachment field?

You can only have one value in a 'cell' in a gridview as far as I know, and I don't think you can have documents.

It's not only in VB.NET this is a problem.

The only thing I can thing of you doing, and keeping everything in the gridview, would be to create a list of the paths/filenames of the attachments for each record and display that in the gridview.

Or have a small listbox that get's populated with the same information (path/file) of a record's attachments when it's selected in the gridview.

With that you could allow the user to select a document from the listbox and have it opened/displayed/whatever.
The attachment datatype holds a recordset object as content type. I think you need a link to the dao to get the content of this field. Please see the last comment on

A c# to converter can be found here:

The management of an attachment field is an internal msaccess mechanism, you won't get it to work with any wizard that's included in visual studio. You have to add a nested gridview or datalist in the column you want to show the files and fill it programmatically. I don't have much experience with the interop types, so I don't know if they support databinding.

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ahashashAuthor Commented:
ok i will try out and let u guys know how it goes
thank u so much for ur help
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