What is the Cisco MIB File and How is it Used?

I have 20 Cisco Small Buisness 300 Series managed Switches That Need the firmware upgraded and I found the link to the firmware pack http://www.cisco.com/cisco/software/type.html?mdfid=283019611&flowid=18901

Buit it also has a MIB file. What is the MIB and how is it used? Do I need to update it along with the firmware? Do I do it before or after a firmware update or does it matter.

Sorry if this is a simple question but my cisco experience is very little and I have not found a clear answer to this just doing internet searches.
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The mib file is used for SNMP Monitoring tools.
If you dont use SNMP in your network you can ignore this file
A MIB is a reference for SNMP OIDs and traps. Basically it translates the data from SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) queries into human readable useful information.

Please see the following for a detailed explanation http://www.paessler.com/knowledgebase/en/topic/653-how-do-snmp-mibs-and-oids-work
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