Flash CS3 layer refuses to go on top of graphic

I'm starting to create a transitional banner for an intranet page with a flash banner included as part of it.  I have creating some text bars that will slide over the top of an underlying picture/graphic.

When I've published it, the text bars keep appearing under the picture instead of above, I have tried adjusting the layer order and tried stating that the text bar in question is brought to the front but to no avail.

I attach the file in question, can someone point me in the right direction with this please as I'm lost for ideas.

Many thanks in advance.
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Hi what exactly are you trying to achieve?

you have a graphic in the bottom layer, and then 3 layers with text, one which has an animation, and then another 3 layers with other graphics.

the 3 top layers (graphics) will hide the text.
if you drag the 3 text layers right to the top it will appear above all the images, but maybe if you explain what it is you're trying to achieve exactly we can give you some other advice.
Move keyframe start points in your Timeline to different frames. And when you will run your application a next time you will get a slide show
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