Extend layer2 vlan over metro ethernet

We have a 1gb verizon metro ethernet circuit between 2 sites. Circuit currently terminates on a couple cisco 6509. The ports are currently configured as layer 3 ports. We want to extend a couple vlans so they are available on both sides. We plan on running geo clusters for sql, vmware  etc..

I've been reading on the various methods and getting a lot of different answers. VPLS has been recommended, OTV on the nexus, and the asr started supporting OTV a couple weeks ago. Also some have suggested just making the ports trunk ports.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Robert Sutton JrSenior Network ManagerCommented:
Trunking is typically the preferred method. Here's why..

IEEE 802.1Q tagging can span a VLAN across switches and or WANs.
To extend VLANs across switches, a trunk link must be established between switches. Frames on the trunk are encapsulated via 802.1Q format and aren't much different than Ethernet frames except that they contain an extra four bytes inserted after the source and destination MAC address.

Hope this helps.
If youtube Metro ethernet provinser supports Haninge the customer send vlan tags, then it is a good option - especially if you have a single link.

If you have several links, perhaps several sites, then VPLS is a good option since it makes it possible to implement redundancy without using STP.

For VPLS you also need to run MPLS and a routing protocol, like OSPF.
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