FLASH SWF not rewinding correctly



the attached swf doesnt seem to rewind correctly after playing.

Any idea what may cause this?

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Kim WalkerWeb Programmer/TechnicianCommented:
Have you created a rewind feature? Most flash animations have a stop command in the last frame to prevent looping. In order for the clip to rewind, you would have to add a control such as button that would return to the first frame and play the clip again.

Or perhaps I'm not understanding your question. When would you expect this clip to rewind?
coolispaulAuthor Commented:

well when you right click on the swf and click "rewind" or "play" it does rewind it again but not completely.

notice that when you do this the man doesn't have the note in his hand after being rewond and played again.

i do have a stop command at the end if that makes any difference?
Kim WalkerWeb Programmer/TechnicianCommented:
OK. I see what you're talking about. Frankly, I've never relied much on the stand-alone Flash Player for replaying clips for this very reason. The only time I use it is to test it before I embed it in a web page. If I make changes, I close the player and start it again. If you want the use to be able to replay it, you'd be better off to create a replay button that returns to frame one and plays again.
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coolispaulAuthor Commented:

we are actually going to be controlling the flash with .NET commands and it seems to do the same as when right clicking "rewind".

Is there anything i can do with perhpas actionscript that will rewind it correctly when a .NET command is sent?
do you have the source file?
it would be easier to trouble shoot that way.
coolispaulAuthor Commented:
i think i have worked it out

i have a movieclip on the stage. If i use actionscript to ensure it is always at the beginning at the start of the movie it seems to rewind ok...

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ok cool will you close the question if its resolved. simply accept your own comment as the solution.
coolispaulAuthor Commented:
answered my own question
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